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Booya SDR and Digitizer Hardware

The Booya SDR is available in a 64 MHz or 100 MHz USB 3 verision and a 16 MHz USB 2 verision.

The Booya 64 MHz and 100 MHz SDR radio receiver samples the RF signal at 64MHz or 100MHz with 16 bits and streams the sampled signal into PC memory continuously in real time. The Booya software demodulates the signals down to baseband at the full bandwidth. The Booya digitizer boards plug into the Cypress USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit, included. The Cypress Explorer Kit provides the USB 3 interface to the PC. The Booya SDR includes an active Mini Whip antenna to allow good radio reception in the 0 to 32 MHz band. The BooyaSDR free open source software on the PC provides a fully functioning SDR receiver application demonstrating the full Booya digitizer capability.

The Booya 16 MHz SDR radio receiver samples the RF signal at 16 MHz with 14 bits and streams the sampled signal into PC memory continuously in real time. The Booya16 uses a USB 2 connection and receives signals between 0 and 8 MHz.

Booya64 SDR Assembled

Booya64 Assembly

Booya Model Features

The Booya Models are available as a Digitizer or SDR. The difference between the Digitizer and SDR is that the active antenna is included with the SDR but not with the digitizer. The SDR is recommended for most uses except for advanced applications where the digitizer alone is needed.

Model Name Active Antenna USB Port Sample Rate (MHz) Price ($) Part #
Booya Digitizer 16 MHz No USB 2 16 55 BY16DG
Booya SDR 16 MHz Yes USB 2 16 85 BY16AN
Booya Digitizer 64 MHz No USB 3 64 235 BY64DG
Booya SDR 64 MHz Yes USB 3 64 265 BY64AN
Booya Digitizer 100 MHz No USB 3 100 265 BY100DG
Booya SDR 100 MHz Yes USB 3 100 295 BY100AN


Purchase the Booya SDR by sending the purchase price (free shipping) via Paypal (as Friend, include your name, address and Booya model name in note) to The purchase price is in the last column of the table above. Or purchase on ebay.


Get all Booya SDR software free from Booya Source Forge Project
The main application executable is in


The Booya64/100 SDR documentation in html is BooyaSDRDoc.htm and in MS word is BooyaSDRDoc.doc and in PDF word is BooyaSDRDoc.pdf
The Booya16 SDR documentation in html is Booya16DRDoc.htm and in MS word is Booya16SDRDoc.doc and in PDF word is Booya16SDRDoc.pdf

Booya64 SDR Parts Included


1. +12 Volt Power Supply
2. USB 3 Cable
3. Ethernet Wire to Active Antenna
4. Active Antenna
5. USB3 Cypress Explorer Kit Board
6. Booya 64 MHz Digitizer Board with LTC2206 A/D Chip and 64 MHz clock
7. Antenna Adapter Board
8. Alternate RF Connector Board

The Booya SDR includes all 8 components listed above, while the Booya Digitizer include items 2,5,6,8.

Booya64 Digitizer Mounted on the Cypress FX3 USB3 Development Kit


Booya64 Digitizer Bottom View


Booya16 Digitizer


BooyaSDR Application Frequency Spectrum Waterfall, 0 - 8 MHz


BooyaSDR Application Frequency Spectrum with Time Sample Window and Console Window


Waterfall of the Entire Spectrum 0-32 MHz displayed at once, ham bands marked in meters.


High Resolution Zoom on the 80 meter Band.


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